A little Vulture Told Me

Lyra Brown

 This music video was done through the Music Video Storyhive grant. Alana acted as the Art Director for the film under the talented Production Designer Aaron Brown and in partnership with Lindisfarne Production Inc. with Director of Photography/ Producer David Baron and Director/ Producer Simon Morgan. The painted backgrounds, the 7 piece dress and the spiked-arm sculptures were created by Alana. She also helped in the initial conceptualization of the film. For more information and to see other Storyhive projects follow the link below.


The Divide


A short 2 minute stop motion animation film created for the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundations Anti-racism 48 Hour Film Festival 2017. It won first place at the film festival with its simple but effective tale of unity. The purpose of the film festival is to promote awareness and prevent racism. The film was created by William Frost, Erica Ellis, Kaitlin Perrault and Alana Banks.

Spark The Immersive VR Experience 

Anna Fiddler-Berteig Story Hive

An immersive VR experience done with the help of the Storyhive grant. Keep an eye out for the final product coming soon. Here is the pitch Video in the meantime. Alana was brought on the project to help create and paint models/ set pieces, illustrations of tapestries, the dragon puppet and Jewel the puppet whose design was based off of Brendan Boyd's original character Design of Kilo, Jewel's father.

Animated Background

EDAC Project

This was a fun little animated background I worked on at Edmonton Digital Arts College in the Digital Illustration and Sequential Art Program.

All Images ©‎ Alana Banks

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